Biker Friendly Cafe’s

Biker Friendly Cafe’s

I’m sure if you asked any cafeteria owner if they are biker friendly they answer would be a resounding yes, we all like to think that we’re playing out our lives as Sons of Anarchy extras but in fact, we’re just very normal people that occasionally get to ride around on two (or three) wheels.

There are a few factors that make for a biker friendly pub and the attitude of the proprietor rarely come into it. I think the essentials are:

  1. Location – needs to be on good roads and worth the trip out.
  2. Space – enough places to park and an appropriate surface on the car park.
  3. Security – good visibility of your bike from the cafe.

Of course, there are more food, price and atmosphere concerns but they’re the same for us all, if you can think of others that are more biker specific chuck them in the comments below.

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