New Business Basics

I’m going to provide some free advice so I feel like I’m allowed to make fun of some of the Biker Friendly businesses out there. I’m not too fussed about offending you but that’s not my intention, with these simple steps I hope to improve your presence on the internet. I’m not expecting every greasy spoon […]

The Year Ahead & A Guide To Scotland.

Here’s a short extract from Mikes’ Blog ‘Winton Massif‘ Because I’m a bit lazy with the whole writing a blog thing we’ll start this look forwards by looking back. Sort of. Back in September, to celebrate his retirement Faithir hired a nice house up near Achiltibuie for a weeks holiday.

150 Biker Friendly Listings

It’s been just over 3 months since we started adding businesses to the site and we just hit the 150 mark. That’s great but in the grand scheme of things, it’s quite small if you spread them over the whole of the UK. I’m sure there are thousands of Biker Friendly locations left to list but […]

Free Motorcycle Training in South Wales

Free Motorcycle Training  is available under the ‘ScooterSmart’ & ‘CommuterSafe’ schemes. Initially aimed at Young Riders who have completed a session of Compulsory Basic Training, ScooterSmart was devised to be offered through Schools and Sixth Form Colleges in the Vale of Glamorgan.  Having been involved in the South Wales Police Bikesafe Scheme, I was asked […]

Biker Friendly Cafe’s

I’m sure if you asked any cafeteria owner if they are biker friendly they answer would be a resounding yes, we all like to think that we’re playing out our lives as Sons of Anarchy extras but in fact, we’re just very normal people that occasionally get to ride around on two (or three) wheels. […]