New Business Basics

New Business Basics

I’m going to provide some free advice so I feel like I’m allowed to make fun of some of the Biker Friendly businesses out there. I’m not too fussed about offending you but that’s not my intention, with these simple steps I hope to improve your presence on the internet. I’m not expecting every greasy spoon to have a Single Page Parallax enabled interactive website but the least you would expect is a Facebook business page and maybe a detailed entry in Google Businesses.

Search For Yourself

Search for your business, search on Google and Facebook. Don’t be surprised if you see lots of entries for your business even if this is the first time you’ve turned on a computer. As people visit your business they’ll be sharing that fact and if you haven’t created a page for your business in Facebook then one will have been created for you. The one created for you will be very basic and will mainly consist of other people’s posts about their visit to your business. You need to get control of this as soon as you can.

Take Control

If there is a page for your business there will be a link which will let you claim the business page, If there’s no page then it’s a simple process to create one.

Once you’ve claimed or created your page make sure you include the basics, which I think are a good description of your business of at least 2 paragraphs, try and include some detail about what makes your business special or what sets it apart from your nearest rival. Make sure you fill in your opening hours and check your location is reported accurately.

I going to leave it there as that should be the minimum required to ensure people find you and can see your address, opening times and hopefully a few positive reviews.