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Thanks for taking the opportunity to join the Directory of Biker Friendly businesses and venues, add your company profile in the list and promote your business with us. Add all important information and Biker Friendly credentials to navigate people straight to your business.

How to Join The Directory:

  1. Click on the ADD button at the top of the Page
  2. Fill in all the details on the short form.
  3. Submit your listing for review.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't own the business, can I still get it listed?

Sure, just post a link on our Facebook page or send us a message via the contact page and I'll add it for you. I won't put all the details on and it would be good if you left a review on the item I post for you. You could also tell the owner about the listing so they could list it themselves and add all the additional details.

FREE, what's the catch?

No catch, as we build up the directory we need people to list their businesses so to encourage people to list,  it's FREE, I'm not saying that will be the case forever but I would hope to make the site pay for itself mainly through advertising. 

I'm having difficulting adding my listing what can I do ?

Contact us through the contact page and we can help you list your item.

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