Selecting The Best Motorbike Mechanic

Selecting The Best Motorbike Mechanic

We all have our favourite mechanic, the one place we entrust with our machine/s, don’t we? I know I do but I didn’t have one before I got a bike, so how did I select my current bike mechanic?

For full disclosure, my mechanic of choice is VP Motorcycles and that’s not because their garage was less than a mile from where I lived when I first got back on two wheels. It was a combination of their relatively small size, an obvious steady stream of work going through the garage and the all important recommendations from other bikers.

That’s never going to cement that relationship on its own, in order to do that I need to experience good customer service, good value for money and above all (in my opinion) trust in their workmanship. It’s also an added bonus when they don’t seem to be selling you stuff you don’t need or even better you feel like running from the shop after you’ve paid the bill because you think they’ve undercharged you.

I’m sure we all have our own opinions on why we chose our current bike mechanic and if you like yours why not get in touch and I’ll add them to the listings on the site. You can use the contact page or post a link to their site or Facebook page on our Facebook Page (after you’ve Liked it as well).

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